Who we are
Awesome Studios: owned & run by Natalie & Martina Less-Szekely

Natalie has always been devoted to dance and spent her life studying and training to become a professional performer. In Natalie’s classes, you feel like the whole world really is a stage! Martina is an inspirational artist who has dedicated her life to studying and creating art. As well as being a highly skilled dancer she is also a professional photographer. Martina has a passion for Street Dance and Hip Hop and brings the ‘cool’ to every class.

Natalie and Martina were running Awesome Kids for 10 years prior to opening up Awesome Studios. Awesome Kids provided supremely successful extra-curricular dance based activities in over 30 schools and nurseries across London, Surrey and Middlesex.

Finally they were lucky enough to acquire one of the most iconic buildings on Teddington High Street (fondly know as the old Lloyds Bank). This Grade 2 listed building is extremely special and is now the home of all things Awesome. It has been transformed into dance studios bursting with character, personality and individuality. A direct reflection of all who attend Awesome Studios!

Natalie and Martina are devoted to pouring all their passion for the industry into creating programs that allow everyone to learn, dance, exercise and have fun all at the same time at our Awesome Studios!

Awesome Studios is a safe space for children and adults to be themselves, feel comfortable in their own skin and be celebrated for exactly who they are. We do not mind if your hair is messy or you forget your ballet shoes. Life is stressful enough and for most people (both children and adults) dance class should be an escape and release, a form of art and a way to let go. You will still acquire all those life long skills that will serve you well but you will have fun at the same time! Our children will become well rounded individuals who can go to football club, learn piano and still come to Acrobatic Dance at Awesome Studios!

We have no commitment outside of the class you are attending and you can come once a week or ten times a week and we still think you are equally as awesome. We want every child to feel like a superstar, because they are! We have a non-competitive environment which is a home from home for all the children, teenagers and adults who attend Awesome Studios.

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